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Eyebrow color sometimes needs to be adjusted to perfect our look. Whether it’s to correct overly ashy brows, conceal white hairs or simply match the color of our hair, there are a number of techniques at our disposal.

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The 90s were characterised by ultra-feminine looks with heavy foundation, colourful eyeshadow and bold lip liner, featuring ultra-feminised models. That all changed with the advent of the 2000s, when icons like Kate Moss popularised a more minimalist style.

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Eyebrows and Self-Confidence: The Psychological Impact of a Beautiful Arch

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yebrows play a crucial role in our perception of beauty and self-confidence. This article explores the profound relationship between “well-groomed” eyebrows and self-esteem, highlighting the reflection of our emotions through our appearance.
What is the relationship between your mental health and your appearance? How can we identify states of emotional imbalance and link them with our physical appearance ?

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Personalised eye make-up: Understanding your morphology to enhance your look

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Eye make-up is much more than just applying eye shadow and mascara. To achieve a dazzling look, it’s essential to understand your eye morphology. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into two key characteristics: the hollow eyelid vs. the flat eyelid, and the shape of the brow bone. Learn how to adapt your make-up to your morphology to enhance your eyes and bring out your natural beauty.

Eyebrow trends 2024: ‘Less is more’ for a perfect look

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Hair removal plays an essential role in enhancing eyebrows. In 2024, discipline is de rigueur. Regular maintenance creates carefully defined eyebrows, highlighting the natural beauty of the face.

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