Why eyebrow make-up is essential ?

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Every gesture counts when applying make-up, and the order of the steps can have a significant impact on the final result. A common but fundamental mistake is to underestimate the importance of applying eyebrow make-up last.
Yet this small detail can make all the difference, giving your look the finishing touch and influencing the overall expression of your face. Why is applying your eyebrows last an essential step in achieving a perfectly balanced, professional make-up look ?

The icing on the cake of make-up :

Applying your eyebrows last is like putting the icing on the cake. It gives the final touch to the look and harmonises the whole face.
By accentuating or softening your eyebrows, you can influence the overall attitude and tone of your make-up.

Avoid techniques that are too ‘formal’:

Unlike the strict methods often seen in magazines or at beauty school, a more fluid and creative approach will allow you to better harmonise your make-up with the natural shape of your face.
By concentrating on the eyebrows last, you avoid overloading the face with too much attention to each area, which can unbalance the look and make it look too heavy and puffy. You need to identify a specific area to highlight in order to draw the eye to that element.
Specifically, if I want to highlight a beautiful red mouth, I’ll choose more subtle eye and brow make-up to bring out the lips.

Ideal protocol for a balanced look

For a balanced, professional look, we recommend following a specific methodology:
Start by applying eye make-up, especially if you are going for smoky or complex make-up. Get rid of any smudges by removing any excess that has fallen onto the complexion.
Then work on the complexion to even out and prepare the skin.
Finish with the lips, choosing shades that complement the rest of the make-up. A neutral, subtle shade is best if you want to highlight the eyes.

Finally, apply eyebrow make-up using The Brush and The Fixing Gel  to intensify the look.

Match eyebrow make-up to the rest of the face:

The intensity of the eyebrow make-up can be adjusted to match the rest of the make-up:
More pronounced eyebrows can accentuate a bold look, such as a deep coal or red mouth.
For lighter eye make-up, choose less pronounced brows to balance the face. Harmony between brows, eyes and lips is essential to create a cohesive look.

Applying your eyebrows last is a strategic decision that can completely transform your make-up, giving it a harmony and coherence that brings out your natural beauty. By understanding the importance of this step in the make-up process, you’ll be able to optimise your beauty routine and achieve stunning results every time. Follow these simple tips to master the art of make-up and exude confidence at every opportunity.

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