The eyebrow is a key facial element, which reveals a person’s character. It is a significant aesthetic component of the face that can also be a subtle and powerful tool of seduction.A balanced eyebrow promises to amplify looks and optimise overall facial features. A subtle detail, often disregarded but which can change everything: it can enhance a face, reveal inner beauty and personality.

Throughout history, meticulous care has always been reserved for the eyebrows and there is clear evidence of this in the fine arts, literature and in sculpture and paintings. The Art of the Eyebrow evolves from very thick, detailed black eyebrows of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Madonna’s somewhat invisible eyebrows with their luminescent faces in paintings from the Middle Ages.

In the 20th century, the art of the eyebrow has changed along with the celebrated beauty Icons from cinema and from fashion in the 90s.

Nowadays, the requirement is to create a totally personalised eyebrow, with a line that should adapt according to an individual personality and one’s own style. It’s the “ taylored ” eyebrow era with a “ no make-up “ spirit; that commands very precise work for a 100% natural effect.

This taylored, high definition result is possible thanks to Le Sourcil par Angélik Iffennecker, a highly refined range consisting of an ergonomic brush to reveal the eyebrow line, 11 shades of high precision lead pencils that adjust the natural shade of the eyebrow to skin and hair colour and a smoothing gel to maintain a clear and perfect eyebrow line.



As a make-up artist of 20 years, with fashion shows, backstage (Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Saint-Laurent) under her belt, working on photo sets are no secret for Angélik Iffennecker. As a beauty expert, she has also worked with some of the most talented photographers (Mondino, Jean-Paul Goude, Gilles Bensimon…). Today she devotes her savoir-faire to the launch of her own brand, Le Sourcil par Angélik Iffennecker.

Her ambition: to offer a large panel of shades that are as rich as a hair colourist and that enables each individual woman to find her own perfect shade, using tailored tools to remodel eyebrows according to their own line, their own density and colour and to achieve a perfect result.

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