Le gel



“Now is the time
With a tiny caress
As a crowning “


This fixing gel comes as a mascara. Its high precision conical mini brush is perfectly designed for this application area. Transparent, undetectable, it brings a maximal and comfortable stability without leaving any traces. The eyebrow is consecrated, as sealed in time and space.


Sealing the prior gestures by applying gel will give the perfect final touch to get a stable result.
I apply gel by brushing the eyebrow from the roots to the top to place each piece of hair the way I want the line to be upheld. Eyebrow is then put in order and the whole line is secured. I let the gel dry. If your eyebrow does not need any modification with The Pencil or if some day you do not wish to make up your eyebrow, you can use the gel by itself, only to stabilize the eyebrow line. A daily use of the gel can in the long term help controlling wild pieces of hair or a weak eyebrow line : no more trick due to cowlick…


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