Kobido : The magic massage that sublimates your skin for a Wahou make-up !

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In the world of make-up, where light is king, one skin preparation technique stands out as a true revelation: Kobido. This ancient method of Japanese facial massage goes far beyond a simple beauty treatment. It becomes a plumping, lifting and draining experience for the skin and the make-up that follows.

Kobido: A beauty ritual rooted in history

Born out of Japanese tradition, Kobido is much more than a simple facial massage. It’s a celebration of natural beauty and inner harmony. Using precise, enveloping strokes, this ancient ritual stimulates circulation, eliminates toxins and relieves muscle tension, leaving the skin glowing with vitality and radiance. Every muscle in the face is worked by hand, using very precise manoeuvres, and every centimetre of skin is kneaded. A veritable ballet of hands is performed on the face to give an impeccable radiance and lifting effect.

The benefits of Kobido before applying make-up

Imagine treating yourself to a relaxing Kobido massage a few moments before getting ready for a special event, a make-up-free evening or a wedding. You are not only preparing your skin for make-up, but also giving it a real rejuvenating treatment. Your face will be invigorated and completely regenerated, and your features will look rested and soothed.

A perfect canvas for make-up : Kobido prepares the skin for make-up by making it smooth and luminous. By exfoliating and deeply hydrating, it creates an ideal base for the application of beauty products. Make-up blends with the complexion, eyelids are more open and pigments adhere better to the skin. Make-up is more intense with fewer products and shades blend more easily.

Natural radiance : This revitalising massage awakens the skin’s natural radiance. By stimulating circulation, it illuminates the face from within, creating an incomparable luminosity that is reflected through make-up.

A plumped base : Kobido’s massage techniques plump the skin from within. Fine lines are reduced and facial contours appear firmer, creating radiant shadows and volume. The contours are natural.

Véronique Reina: The artist who combines the two arts

Véronique Reina embodies the perfect fusion of make-up and Kobido. With a mastery of both arts, she offers her clients a unique experience where inner beauty is revealed through the visible.
Thanks to her holistic approach, Véronique Reina brings a transformative ritual, combining the tensing benefits of Kobido with its ability to reveal faces. A true ode to the inner light.
Find out more about her profile and book a Kobido session here


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