Eyebrows and Self-Confidence: The Psychological Impact of a Beautiful Arch

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Eyebrows play a crucial role in our perception of beauty and self-confidence. This article explores the profound relationship between “well-groomed” eyebrows and self-esteem, highlighting the reflection of our emotions through our appearance.
What is the relationship between your mental health and your appearance? How can we identify states of emotional imbalance and link them with our physical appearance ?

Age-related androgenic hair loss:

Around the age of 35 or 40, many people face the reality of hair and eyebrow loss, often perceived as a premature sign of ageing.
This transformation in hair growth can be a psychological shock, especially when the baldness or alopecia becomes significant, directly impacting self-confidence.
To alleviate the effects of eyebrow loss, some people opt for dietary supplements to treat the condition internally, and external treatments such as those from M2 Beauté and Augustinus Bader to work on regrowth from the outside.

Eyebrow loss and its psychological impact:

Loss of eyebrows can be linked to factors such as stress, serious illness or psychological shock.
In many cases, this loss is associated with death, reminiscent of other experiences of loss such as that of teeth and hair, it is a terrible emotional ordeal and is followed by an endless cycle of fixating on the area concerned, self-loathing can then blossom.
Eyebrow loss can also be a painful reminder for those who have undergone chemotherapy.
Follow-up with a health professional may be the first step, followed by holistic well-being and cosmetic treatments.

Is permanent make-up a bad idea ?

Some people opt for permanent cosmetics to lessen the visual impact of eyebrow loss. However, I strongly advise against permanent make-up in the following two cases:
1- In the case of chemotherapy, where the pigment imprints the disease phase for life, every glance towards this area will be a further reminder of the trauma experienced.
2- In the case of trichotillomania (frenzied eyebrow plucking), permanent make-up can symbolise the engraving of the origin of the misfortune in the middle of the face.
The face is a social passport, all expressions of emotion pass through it and the eyebrows are the first element seen by an interlocutor .

Deeper solutions:

Instead of focusing solely on cosmetic solutions, approaches such as hypnosis, EMDR, kinesiology cell memory, brainspotting and other therapeutic techniques can help to treat the underlying causes of hair and eyebrow loss disorders.
Treating your unhappiness to finally accept yourself and develop a comfortable lifestyle.
Accepting the impermanence of life and finding self-confidence:
It’s crucial to recognise that life isn’t permanent, and neither is beauty.
Your sensuality is not defined by a single body part, and self-confidence can be strengthened in other ways.
Rather than fighting to eliminate imperfections, it’s important to accept yourself as you are.
Being beautiful is not about being fixed! It’s an ATTITUDE, the true BEING OF YOURSELF. Physical appearance is merely an expression of the self. A weakness can become a strength by working on it in all its dimensions!
To help you heal and affirm your figure, here are my practical tips below.

Angélik’s ritual tip for reconstruction:

Step 1:
Apply an oil with a positive mantra. Gently massage your eyebrows with your fingertips, greet the person you are and give birth to your own codes again.
Step 2:
Brush using THE BRUSH to reveal the existing hairs.
Step 3:
Apply make-up with THE PENCIL to fill in any gaps and redefine your custom eyebrows,
then take back control.
Step 4:
Apply THE GEL to set and consecrate everything. Restore serenity to your eyes.

The final word: LOVE yourself !

Beauty goes beyond eyebrows, and self-confidence can be regained by embracing life and exploring holistic solutions for personal reconstruction.

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