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The 90s were characterised by ultra-feminine looks with heavy foundation, colourful eyeshadow and bold lip liner, featuring ultra-feminised models. That all changed with the advent of the 2000s, when icons like Kate Moss popularised a more minimalist style. Doing nothing, including not wearing eyebrow make-up, became a fashion statement in itself, marking a radical change in the approach to beauty.

But there were no products dedicated to eyebrow make-up. Beauty professionals like me had to improvise with what we had on hand: eyeshadow, an old toothbrush and, of course, Elnett hairspray, our faithful ally for setting everything.
Each person had their own technique, their own style. It was a time of creativity and individuality.
Then, like a wind of change, the fashion for thick eyebrows returned with a vengeance. Brands raced to innovate, offering a whole range of products: coloured mascara, dry shadows with bevelled brushes, bold pencils… But none of them really met the expectations of professionals and consumers alike. It was necessary to have a fairly technical know-how with products that often held up only moderately well.
What was needed was a product that was easy to use, that blended naturally with the colour of the hair, that gave a powdery, waterproof finish and that lasted all day. A made-to-measure product, adapted to each individual.
That’s how I came to develop my own colourimetry for eyebrows, inspired by my experience and the lack of it in the beauty industry. A palette of colours specifically created for men’s beards and eyebrows. On a man’s face, every detail of the make-up is scrutinised, so I paid particular attention to the selection of shades to achieve as natural a result as possible.
This approach was then adapted to meet the needs of women and give a totally made-to-measure result.

THE BRUSH 30 sec !

The professional quality Brush, as supple as a feather, to delicately reveal the eyebrow line.

THE PENCIL 30 sec !

The Pencil remains an indispensable tool for adjusting the shape of the eyebrow, giving it character, intensifying what’s missing or creating an elegant curve by giving it momentum.
As you’ll have gathered by now, I’m not a fan of stencils or other tools that make eyebrows uniform. Every face is unique, and eyebrow make-up should reflect this diversity and authenticity.



The Fixing Gel to discipline rebellious wisps during re-growth and ensure impeccable hold.


In short, eyebrow make-up is an art. It’s about finding the right balance between technique and creativity, between tradition and innovation. It’s about sublimating that little detail that makes all the difference, with elegance and respect for each person’s personality.
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