Personalised eye make-up: Understanding your morphology to enhance your look

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Eye make-up is much more than just applying eye shadow and mascara. To achieve a dazzling look, it’s essential to understand your eye morphology. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into two key characteristics: the hollow eyelid vs. the flat eyelid, and the shape of the brow bone. Learn how to adapt your make-up to your morphology to enhance your eyes and bring out your natural beauty.

The Hollow Eyelid vs The Flat Eyelid: A Closer Look at the Difference

The first step to successful eye make-up is to determine whether you have a hollow eyelid or a flat eyelid. This distinction is crucial for choosing the right techniques and products.

Flat eyelid: If your eyelids are flat, the arch is not very pronounced. The fixed eyelid is wide and the mobile eyelid is not very visible. You can apply darker shades to create a hollow. Using shading techniques can also add depth by working the eyeshadow horizontally to widen the eyes and make them look panoramic.

Hollow eyelid: People with hollow eyelids have a pronounced eyebrow arch. To highlight these eyes, we recommend opting for matte beige eyeshadow on the arch to soften it. Avoid colours that are too dark on the mobile eyelid so as not to reduce the visual space. Using lighter, iridescent shades in the crease can also add an extra dimension to your eyes. Forget the traditional banana make-up!

The shape of the brow bone: balance and harmony

The brow bone plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of your eyes. Understanding its shape will help you harmonise your make-up.
Pronounced eyebrow arch: If this is the case with your eyebrow arch, opt for looks that emphasise the mobile eyelid. Use bright or iridescent colours and shading techniques to draw attention downwards. Applying luminous eyeshadow to the mobile eyelid can also accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

To further structure your eyes, “Le Sourcil” brand products offer a complete range, from brushes to fixing gel.
Choose a shade that matches your hair and complexion to open up your eyes, which is essential for structuring your face morphologically.

Concealed brow bone: For a lower brow bone, concentrate on applying luminous eyeshadow and highlighter under the eyebrow to open up the eyes. Use darker shades in the hollow to balance the overall look.
For a flawless look, “Le Sourcil” offers products such as the brush and pencil to define and shape your brows with precision. Complete your routine with the fixing gel to guarantee long-lasting hold and a flawless look all day long.

Pro tip:

Make up the eyebrow by thickening it underneath to reduce a bold arch and/or reduce a very wide fixed eyelid. Be careful not to pluck your eyebrows too much. Too fine a line can compromise the harmony of the eyelids.
Eyebrow make-up and the right shade of product will open up the eyes, which is essential for structuring the face morphologically.

Conclusion: Express Your Unique Beauty Through Your Eye Make-up

In conclusion, applying eye make-up to match your body shape is the key to enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you have hollow or flat eyelids, a pronounced brow bone or not, adapt your technique to highlight your unique features. Experiment with colour, shadow and light to create a look that reflects you and your personality. Take the time to explore and have fun with your eye make-up, as it’s a funky and powerful way to express yourself and highlight your individual beauty. By understanding your body type, you’ll be able to create a stunning, personalised look every time you apply your make-up.
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